maandag 24 januari 2011

Beautifull men, women are more likely to be smarter with high IQ's too

A study out of England suggests people who are beautiful are more likely to have IQs higher than the average person.

Beautiful people don't just get all the breaks, scientists say they're likely smarter than most people, too.
A study in England conducted by researchers at the London School of Economics found that attractive men and women generally have higher IQs.
"Physical attractiveness is significantly positively associated with general intelligence," said LSE lead researcher Satoshi Kanazawa, in the latest issue of the journal Intelligence.
The study indicated attractive men have IQs that are 13.6 points above the average, while beautiful women are 11.4 points higher than average.
Since intelligent men are more inclined to achieve more success, they are "more likely to marry beautiful women," Kanazawa said. "Given that both intelligence and physical attractiveness are highly heritable, there should be a positive correlation between intelligence and physical attractiveness in the children's generation."
The study included 52,000 people from both the United Kingdom and United States.
However, Kanazawa insists this should not be considered justification for believing beautiful people are better than everyone else.
"Our contention that beautiful people are more intelligent is purely scientific," he said. "It is not a prescription for how to treat or judge others."

Well, of course i already knew this, since my beauty is only matched by my intellect. Just joking lol.

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